What’s Happening In The Store

The following plants are new to K Drive Greenhouse this Season:

The following plants are new to K Drive Greenhouse this Season:

Fidget Evergold – Carex Evergold: a 9 to 12” tall perennial that prefers a partly shaded spot in your garden. He is hardy for zones 5-9, has bi-color leaves and blooms in May. Watering needs are moderate but remember to feed him once each month.

Forest Elfin Spruce – Sedum Blue Spruce: a 3 to 6-inch tall perennial that likes full to part sun, is hardy zones 4-9. Her watering needs are relatively low, but don’t neglect to water, and feeding is required once each month.

Gypsy Glitter – Gypsophila: a sweet little annual that has delicate pink blossoms throughout the Summer and Fall. She is 8 to 10-inches tall, takes full to part sun, has moderate water needs and needs to be fed once each month.

Warren Chip – Ajuga Chocolate Chip: a wee little plant – 3 to 4” tall that blooms May thru June. Requires full sun to part shade, moderate watering habits needed and don’t forget to feed him once each month.

In addition to the new plants, we have many of our favorites in stock, as well as an abundance of garden décor.
Our on-site artist, Molly Case, has painted a gorgeous mural that is the highlight of the garden area – she’s hidden several forest visitors within the mural to peak your interest.